Music Nerds

We all have a friend that is a music nerd, you know the guy, he has all the latest and greatest music out there. They troll the internet for what is trending and hot or obscure and not. There playlists are immaculate, with bands categorized by genres, sub-genres and sub-sub genres. They’re the person that show up at your party, unplug your music, and plug in there own iPod without a care for what you were listening to. You go over to protest and they put up their hand and say “You’ll thank me later.” And it pisses me off that there music is better, damn you music nerd. (shake fist in air here)

My music nerd buddy is a great guy, but at one time or another, has done all the things I just mentioned in the last paragraph. No matter what is going on I can always count on him for a shit load of new music. Our musical tastes don’t always align (the ska phase he went through kind of scared me) but when they do it is like the solar eclipse of musical bliss. This just happened lately. He had made a playlist for me and as I listened to it, I found more and more music I liked, and bands I would never have found on my own. Bands like La Roux and Robyn. And even more songs in the playlist are growing on my over time. You have to be open to new music inspiration too, it can come from anywhere. A fellow blogger has a regular post on her site called 5-minute dance party, it’s great! The last one I saw was one with Fred Astaire, check it out here.

I just don’t have the time to look for new music, but when I hear something, oh boy, I grab it and listen the shit out of it! I think the greatest technological leap in my music listening is Soundhound. If you haven’t heard of this app for your phone, first get out from under the non-wifi rock you’ve been hiding, and click this link. You just hold up your phone and this app listens to the song and recognizes it. You can even hum or type in lyrics and it will bring up the song too. Then with one click you got the song, magic. I remember when getting music used to be an all day ordeal. For an example: You here a song you didn’t know. First you had to ask around until someone knew what song you were talking about. Then you had to go to the bank and actually get money out (there were no bank cards, I know I’m blowing your minds young ones) then go to the store, buy the album, then go home before you can listen to it. Now I can do all that in seconds. An interesting side note, I haven’t bought an whole album in like, 10 years! Just single songs, I’m not including the Beatles Collection i got, that doesn’t count!

So keep looking and listening and dancing to whatever moves you, because music lightens the load, makes your feet tap and makes life just a little bit easier. How can you feel down with a kick ass techno song in your heart or an old timey polka song making your booty jump. You never know where you are going to find new music so keep your ears and mind open and before I forget. Sean, thanks for the music, you’re a good friend and this t-shirt design on Threadless reminded me of you.


  1. Sd says:

    Ska phase? I’ve been into ska since high school and there hasn’t been a moment since that I haven’t liked it.

    About finding new music: yeah it’s a pain and it takes time. These days I use for that.


  2. yearstricken says:

    I always wondered what that funny music in my head was; now I know. Thanks. 🙂


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