Like this!

When Facebook came out with the like button I thought it was brilliant. You could just give something the thumbs up and boom! It was on your wall. Everyone could check it out and smile. It was like walking around your house and picking stuff up and showing it to your buddies, I like this, and this, and this too. Not a lot  of feeling in it, you can’t get too personal. It is like grown up show and tell. So I thought I would give a list of things I like that I can’t just click a button for and that are personal to me. And if you have the time, maybe you can leave me a few things you like yourself.

I like those miniature lamps on dark bar tables that light your face from beneath and make you look spooky.

I like the smell of barbecue in the fall, just when winter is about to rear its ugly head. Defiant aroma.

I like when my wife laughs out loud and catches herself, like she is embarrassed.

I like writing something then reading it later and enjoying it.

I like the smell of freshly printed material. It smells like a job well done.

I like when my daughter says “Hi Daddy” then snakes her way under my arm to put her head on my chest.

I like the moment, when I am playing hockey, that I know I will score a goal. Then I do.

I like the third beer, just the perfect amount of buzz. If they could sustain that feeling, someone would win the Nobel Peace Prize.

I like watching the sunrise and not feeling tired.

I like telling stories that make my friends and family laugh.

I like quotes, they are little nuggets of knowledge, polished up and displayed as wisdom.

I like to laugh, especially when I am having a bad day.

I like running into old friends in the street and doing the 5 minute catch up.

I like discovering that a friend has a special skill that they learned from their parents or grandparents. Like Paul learning how to knit from his mother. Or Julie learning to fly fish from her grandpa.

I like the first day on the job, you are the new guy.

I like the nape of a women’s neck and where her hip starts to curve from her torso (what is that called?)

I like the moment when you are with friends and you all laugh at something really funny, then the laughter tapers off and people just pause for a second and take in the moment, then someone starts talking again.

I like arriving at a new place and experiencing a different culture, a new and completely different way to live.

I like liking stuff.

I like writing this blog.


  1. Derek says:

    The sound of skates on ice echoing in the early morning.

    Baconator – nuff said.

    You know the rest, good blog!


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