This word is from the Yaghan language, which is now a dead language, this word was spoken in Tierra del Fuego (the most southern part of South America) I found it through the documentary called, “Life in a Day” you can watch it for free here. I thought the word was appropriate for a Valentine’s Day post. We have all been there, palms sweating, ready to make our move, building up fear within ourselves, wishing we knew what the other was thinking. When the same feelings were brewing within the targets of our affection. It is like a current within both of us that if the circuit is completed would create a huge spark, but our minds trick us into being afraid. Tons of potential energy with no place to go.

Another example might be two battling tribes that want peace but because of politics, history or pride, this goal will never come to fruition. All that needs to be done is for one of them to say something, to reach out.

Communication. It is that easy. There is a part in the documentary that broke my heart, a boy reaches out to a girl and tells her that he has feelings for her, the feelings are not returned. But now he knows, we fool ourselves into thinking that we don’t want to know, but we do. We need to know. Love or be loved, if not by you, someone else. Why do you think I still write this blog. At first it was for me, but somewhere along the line it became about you, to make a connection, to reach out.

Part of my wedding vows went like this “…and in a world of six billion people I can’t believe my soulmate was standing right next to me…” Since then, the population of the world has grown by a billion, it blows my mind, but what I realized after watching this documentary is that there are people all over the world whose lives mirror mine. And because they live in Africa or China or South America makes no difference. This film showed me that everyone is just living, surviving, loving, eating, feeling, just like me and that technology is allowing us to make more and more connections, like the neurons in our brains, forming networks and interlaced webs of like minds. Are we building a huge brain? Are we becoming a thinking feeling mega-being made up of billions of separate parts? Sounds familiar doesn’t it? But first, I think it starts with reaching out, making more connections, more bonds. If a poor shoe shining boy from a third world country can connect through his laptop to the internet and fall in love with Wikipedia, we can reach back from the other side.

So don’t let fear keep you from enjoying what you might be missing. Talk to that person you always wanted to at the Starbucks or reach out to an enemy, who knows you might make a meaningful link that will change how you see the world and yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.


  1. Ah! Blond Zombie, I am in awe because Valentine’s Day is difficult to write about without leaning heavily on clichéd ideas.

    Yet, you did it. You’ve written about Valentine’s Day in a way that has broken my heart, pleasantly.

    The documentary you mentioned is in my Netflix queue– I will watch it in the next few days, having read your snapshot review on its importance.

    Last night, while I was working on a layout issue on WordPress, I was half-listening to a traditional Swahili love song sung by a famous singer. I had to stop for a minute because it really, really was breaking my heart. So beautiful!

    I think I may add a second 5-Minute Dance Party for tonight in honor of your gorgeous post.

    In fact, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. Thank you for your lovely thoughts and your bold writing.


  1. […] song!  That was the plan, Stan!   This morning, though, I read Blond Zombie’s post for Valentine’s Day,  where he risks sentimentality in a huge, HUGE way.   Blond Zombie,  this goes out […]


  2. […] song!  That was the plan, Stan!   This morning, though, I read Blond Zombie’s post for Valentine’s Day,  where he risks sentimentality in a huge, HUGE way.   Blond Zombie,  this goes out […]


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