Michael Motorcycle

My friend Michael, is a super-talented illusionist, as they like to call themselves. When we first met, he wanted to do some design and video work. So my brother and I got to work creating a podcast for him. It was a great time, we not only got some great footage but we became very close friends.

I call him Michael Motorcycle cause he had a pretty bad accident on said motorcycle that he managed to walk away from. I guess what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?

I remember those first meetings with Michael, he would walk us through his repertoire of tricks. It was like a personal close up magic show just for my brother and I. I was amazed at how talented he was. You could just see the way he handled the cards or coins, he was born to do this. I felt like a kid watching him make things disappear and reappear, it was a blast. He builds his own props and equipment that he would show us piled up to the roof in his garage (the cut in half style boxes and Houdini like handcuffs and shackles up the ying-yang). He would also show us video of other magicians he admired and tell us stories of people working in the business. He knows everybody, not kidding. He actually took us to a David Copperfield show and introduced us, too cool.

Working closely with anyone you become familiar with what they do, we would get information on how certain things were done so we could do our jobs properly, instructed not film a slight of hand, or a palm, or a drop. I didn’t want to know about the man behind the curtain, I didn’t want to know how things were done and Michael respected this. Of course after even illusion he would show me, I would say “How the hell did you do that?!?” but deep down inside I didn’t want to know. I wanted to be that little kid again, wide eyed and amazed. There are things that he does that still blow my socks off and I never want to lose that feeling.

I wonder if magic is fun for the magician or if it’s work. Is it the look on my face that is their reward? To take a full grown adult skeptic who thinks he knows everything and mess with him, make him smile.

So all you magicians, illusionists, conjurers, wizards, or whatever you call yourself, keep doing your thing, everyone loves magic. It keeps some of the mystery in our lives, it reminds us that we don’t know everything and that a little bit of magic can make someone forget their troubles, even for just a moment.

Just one last question for Michael. Why doesn’t anyone say Abracadabra anymore?

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