Power in Numbers

I just recently saw a video on You Tube, where policeman, Lt. John Pike, better known as “The Pepper Spray Cop” sprays some non-violent protesters at UC Davis. They are lined up and this douche bag proceeds to spray them like he is seasoning his salad. If you have ever been pepper sprayed you know that this was way over the top. Your eyes and nose swell up, it burns your skin and it can be very hard to breath. You can be in extreme pain for up to an hour. One in six hundred people that are pepper sprayed, die, they cease to live. So this idiot, itching to use his pepper spray to clear this small campus pathway so some campus golf cart could get to the library, could have killed someone, is it worth it?

Well, this cop’s video found it’s way onto the web and it caught the attention of the internet viewing public. First off people created images of him spraying everything from baby seals to the Bubble Boy, you can see a collection here or just type in Pepper Spray Cop into google images and you’re good to go. People really had some fun with it, then Anonymous published this guys personal information on the net. I’m sure his life got a little difficult from then on. And rightly so, if you abuse the power you are given you should be put in your place. What I am trying to say is, if you do something bad, people will find you and make it right. What do you think happened to the lady that threw that cat in the trash. Well she became an overnight villian, hated by thousands. Police actually had to be stationed outside her home because of death threats. With all of the cameras recording everything and the power of communication, it is getting harder and harder to be a bad guy.

We as people tend to lead safe lives, don’t rock the boat, go to work, do as you’re told and you can keep watching your television shows and playing your video games. We don’t realize the power we have, the sheer dominance in numbers that are at our disposal, just the Occupy Wall Street movement showed us that we can make waves. Imagine if we were to get organized. The average Joe or Jolene can be anything from an engineer to a sanitation worker, an ex-military man to a high level programmer. We have the talent on our side and if we really wanted to make change, it would not be that hard. Even just writing this blog. Ten years ago I would never have had access to the people who read it, and with the advent of Facebook and Twitter the network of people grows. Also the ideas it sparks in their heads, and what they write only adds fuel to the fire. I’m not trying to overthrow the government or anything, I just think we should use our internet powers for good, not for evil. Make some positive change, right some wrongs. The cyberspace equivalent of Batman.

I hope that we as a people can make change just by having our voice heard, by not only voting but having our concerns addressed in government, without the need for a million dollar lobbying group. We should come first, not the corporate juggernaut that is tipping the scales more and more in it’s favour. So use your computer, reach out and do some good. Write to your elected official, make a donation, organize a coup d’état. Whatever you do make it worth it, and make it good. Cause there is already a ton of ugly in the world like cowardly cretin pepper sprayers and cruel troll cat haters why add to the shit storm. Even just reading some of the comments on the “Pepper Spray Cop” makes me feel sorry for society. Ignorant quips that these people deserve it. They don’t realize that their liberties are at stake, you may hate hippies fantom58, but hippies just get on board earlier than most. By the time fantom58 figures it out he’ll be in Guantanamo Bay getting water boarded and sharing a cramped cell with five overly touchy cell mates.

Anyway I better go, a black suburban just pulled up in front of the house and two black suits are walking up to the door, oh…there goes the power good thing I’m on my laptop. Should I have multiple laser sights focused on my t-shirt? I just have to hit publish, they are banging on the door now. They seem pretty pissed. I should go.


  1. One of the things that gave me faith is that IMMEDIATELY, people started posting this meme in every form possible, so that you couldn’t ignore it. I was so proud that folks sat up and paid attention, and I’m proud to know someone who is writing about it now. Because what that cop did is not okay. It’s never okay.

    Thank you so much for saying something about non-violent protesting and the crap choice that cop made that day. You are one in a million, Blond Zombie!


    • Blondzombie says:

      I know I’m behind the curve on this meme. But I had to say something about it. Sorry I couldn’t write more on the nomination post, I’ve just been swamped. But more work is more money, right?


      • If you’ve got working coming in, then heck-a-doodle yeah all this stuff takes a back seat! I didn’t realize you were late to the meme; I just thought you were reminding us that this happened and we need to remember it to keep it from happening.

        As for the nomination post, I thought it was perfect. Just the right amount!


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