Power of Suggestion

I have to admit, when people say power of suggestion works, I always think to myself, yah for the weak minded. “These are not the droids you’re looking for.” Obi Wan Kenobi famously said in Star Wars making that dim minded Stormtrooper look like a putz. But it can happen to anyone and I believe it is more prevalent than we think it is. I’ll give you an example.

The other day my daughter and I travelled with my wife to Edmonton for the weekend, my wife had to work and my daughter and I did our own thing, went to West Edmonton Mall where her favourite place to go is Galaxyland (Indoor amusement park inside the mall). It was the long weekend so the place was packed, I hate big line ups. Anyway, I have friends that live in Edmonton and we made arrangements to go visit them on the Sunday, after our Galaxyland visit. We were on the east side of the city and my friends live on the west side of the city. It was about a forty minute drive and there was a fresh snowfall and the roads were getting bad. Well just as we get in the van and start to head over to my friends place, I get this text from my wife, the problem was I thought it was my friend I was going to visit, hence my reaction.

Well, because of that text the whole time I was driving I was super careful. I never drive careful, I am the guy that gets to where he is going as fast as he can. If you are moving too slow, I’ll pass you. At one point of the trip there was an off ramp that connected to the main highway. Well, because I was driving cautiously, when my tires started to slip I could correct and keep the van on the road, as I come over the bend I see a car in the ditch, exactly where I would have been if I had been driving like myself. Did my wife know something I didn’t? Did she have a vision? I don’t know but the idea she put in my head by sending me that text, probably kept us on the road. I don’t know how else to explain it.

Another example is the whole recycling boom, someone suggested it was a good idea and now you see it everywhere. I know I may be trivializing it a bit, but someone had the idea. Paper, plastic and waste. You no longer have just one garbage can. Now I separate everything, it is like breathing now.

The rule of “The Hundredth Monkey” is a good example too, the idea is that once a certain number of monkeys learns a skill or a learned behaviour is will spread instantaneously to all monkeys. It’s like it is in the ether or something. Power of suggestion on a large scale.

You see you can’t just tell someone to do something, you have to make it seem like it was their idea. That is the beauty behind suggestion. You bring it up and let them walk through the idea, like how fancy ladies put on perfume and you are on your way to controlling their mind. It takes a little practice, but as you get better at it you learn how to read people and what nudges and guidance they need to make this happen. So called psychics are very good at this, hypnotists, interrogators, good salesmen. You ever been to buy a new car, these guys have it down to a science.

Also if you tell someone that their competitor, rival or nemesis is doing something, this always gets the suggestion to work faster. No one likes to be one-upped, especially by someone they think they are better than. And remember it is called suggestion, you can’t force it. Sometimes you have to let it simmer, leave it with them for a while. They’ll come around, and when they do it is iron clad, cause like I said before, by that time, it is their idea. So sit back pull your strings, and have a cup of coffee and relax, the carmel macchiatto I got from Starbucks this morning was awesome, sooooo good! You should get one before John from accounting does, you know the guy you hate, cause everyone in the office will think he started the macchiato trend, just saying.

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  1. yearstricken says:

    I would like to be the 100th monkey of kindness.


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