The Hunt

Vinylmation Park Series #7 Super Chaser

You stalk your prey with each bid, you are patient and wait in the undergrowth of internet anonymity, then you pounce at the last second and see the fear in your fellow bidders eyes, you sink your credit card into the victims neck as you slowly drain the life out of the sale. Congratulations, you have won the bid for the Vinylmation Park Series #7 Super Chaser. You lick your chops and wait 1-3 days for delivery.

If you don’t know what this is, then you weren’t in the hunt to begin with. Vinylmations are my wife’s latest obsession.

The infamous March Hare and his buddies

You see it all started with me being in the Disney store. I wanted to get my wife something nice because she had been working so hard lately. Well one of her favourite Disney characters is the March Hare, particularly the Tim Burton 2010 version aptly named, Thackery Earwicket. Well I went into the store and asked the salesperson if they had any March Hare merchandise and after walking around the store, first looking at stuffed toys (no luck), then looking at figurines (no luck again), she realized they had the new Vinylmation, Alice in Wonderland series in. This is where it got a little tricky. You see they are sealed boxes without labels, there are no returns and no refunds. How was I supposed to get her a March Hare if I didn’t know what I was buying? And here the hunt began, even before my wife got it in her hands I was already hooked. My daughter and I decided to pick one each. Two chances out of seven to get the March Hare, you could feel the tension in the air. My daughter just walked over and grabbed the first one she saw, I struggled with my decision, taking my time (like it makes any difference, it is all chance). Anyway I pick mine and my daughter grabs it from me and takes both of them over to the counter, we pay for them and then we proceed to open our prizes, it felt like Christmas. The first one was a clam character. I don’t even remember this one, we were a little disappointed. I let my daughter open the next one, but her little fingers were having trouble opening it and I was having kittens watching her, I just grabbed it and said “Here, let Daddy help you.” trying to be as patient as I could. And like the golden glow from the Pulp Fiction briefcase, there it was in all of its glory, illuminating Sammy and I’s faces with the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen. We traded the clam for Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas (each store has three characters behind the counter to trade with) and proceeded to walk out of the store high-five-ing and fist pumping. Oh yah, we walked down the mall with swagger that day.

My wife has since gotten four more and her collection is just beginning. Just google Vinylmation and you’ll see the depth and variety of this phenomenon.

I myself used to collect old video game consoles. I have an Atari 2600, Virtual Boy, Dreamcast…even a Vectrex. Most of my collection I have gotten rid of and thought I didn’t have a need to hunt for anything. But according to my wife I have a problem with bags, I like to buy all kinds of different bags. Backpacks, laptop bags, shoulder bags, camera bags. You name it I probably have it, I don’t even realize I’m doing it and haven’t bought any bags recently, probably due to my wife’s in store interventions.

But my latest prey is images. I have told you about it before in my blog “Flying on my internet Jet.” I just love hunting for images, I use them in this blog and for inspiration, but I can’t stop. With sites like The Stapleton, ffffound, Tumblr and now Pinterest, I can’t seem to get enough. My collection continues to grow. Some is on my hard drive, some on my phone, some on paper. Not all of it is digital. The good thing about hoarding images is that they don’t take up much room. My hunting gene is strong, I continue to stock my prey, whether it be on my computer or on the street, I am ever vigilant and always ready.

So keep looking and keep hunting, because it is who we are as a species, when we get complacent and tired, we settle. I would much rather go out and get something. Hunt for it, earn it, own it. Keep your ear to the ebay bids and your eyes on the rare and collectibles, cause if worldsbestgrandma127 out bids me again, I’m gonna hunt her down and kick her ass. Eye of the tiger baby! Just kidding…not kidding.

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