Priorities vs. ADHD

Sorry guys and gals. Been a bit busy lately. Spring has sprung a lot onto my plate, and me with my lack of ambition to work 20 hour days had to make some sacrifices. One was writing as often as I would like to. Let’s face it, I do this cause I love it, but I don’t get paid for it so it usually takes a back seat to other pressing circumstances.

That being said I missed just purging my thoughts into the void of cyberspace, the sheer act of voicing my beefs and griefs, my non-sensical babblings and poignant knowledge nugget deliveries (that sounds kinda weird). Anyway, since I have been absent for a while my mind is bursting with things to talk about. I won’t torture you with them all in one post, trust me you don’t want to see into the hurricane I call my mind. Most of my post are like when they calm down Animal from the Muppets, and when he starts drumming again well, imagine an army of Animals drumming, yelling and flinging feces at each other and we start to form a mental image, mental being the operative word here.

I don’t mean to make myself sound crazy, it’s just I am always thinking five steps ahead. Not because I am a master strategist or a genius, it’s because I can’t slow it down enough to keep up to it, and it makes me sound crazy, it’s always pulling at its chain. It drives my wife nuts because I will continue a conversation we talked about ten minutes ago, because my brain has thought of ten different things and come back to the original idea, full circle, thinking that my wife should have followed my flawed brains logic. The bad news is it gets worse as I get older. I will soon just start yelling out random words loudly expecting my family to understand me “Pickles…Tuesday…Short pants!!!!”

Well, not to make a long story even longer, I am telling you this because I can only handle so many things going on at once and after spring cleaning, new workout regime, daughter on spring break, major dietary changes (I will blog about this one for sure) and professional and personal re-organization there is only so much time left in the day. So I apologize and will keep up with my ranting and raving at a more regular pace.

I need an Xtr, the idea of a proposed “leap week” that would be added to the end of December to regularize the calendar. They also want to alter the length of some of the months. This isn’t something out of my deranged brain this is a real idea out there, you can read about it here.

But until the Xtr is put into effect I will do my best to keep posting regularly and keep my selfish life living to a minimum. Now if I could just find my pants.


  1. yearstricken says:

    I love the photo. And I can imagine we will all eventually speak in bursts of words; we practice everyday with tweets and texts.


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