It is that time of year again. Spring has sprung, just as it has every year since this big blue marble we call home held life. Every year the snow melts, the grass gets green and the animals get a little friskier. And as each season passes and we collect more and more frequent flyer miles on the big odometer of life we start to see the bigger picture. The collection of information over time starts to show patterns, shows us how mother nature works. And how sometimes she doesn’t.

You know when farmers will make small talk, they will say something like (please use your best hick accent here) “…the melt came later this spring, I guess we’re looking at a hot indian summer.” Although the sentence is a little racist (we call them Native Canadian summers here) the sentiment is genuine, they are not just making small talk, farmers who live off the land will have a strong bond with how the Earth acts and reacts. I have no idea if a late melt brings a hot indian summer I just made that up, please don’t flame me farmers. But over the years they can gauge these things. Who do you think wrote the Farmers Almanac? Experience and time will always give you an advantage. So in the spirit of spring and rounding the bases of the seasons, I wish to give you a list of how “again” has manifested itself in my life and what it means to me.


My daughter and I go swimming every Saturday, or at least we try to. We have many ways to entertain ourselves but one is the ejector seat. I take her and launch her into the air so she completely comes out of the water and splashes down, several feet away from me. She is so excited when she comes up from under the water that before she even takes a breath she is already saying. Again! Again!


Like the blog, working out, paying the mortgage or anything that takes work to achieve, you need to keep at it if it’s important to you. Like with the farmers and their intimate relationship with nature, I have my hand on the pulse of my own mind because of my blog. Writing helps me to be in better contact with who I am and what is important to me. Read again, if you’d like, all my old blogs starting here and you’ll see what I mean. Like the revolution of a wheel, every time it comes around to the starting point again, you get closer to your destination. Then on the flip side you have SisyphusSisyphus had to roll a boulder up a hill over and over only to see it roll down to the bottom again and again for eternity, this was his punishment for being a shithead. Sometimes again is a punishment, sometimes it’s a blessing.


As you get older you tend to be a little more nostalgic, I never understood this when I was younger, but I realized that the only reason you are more nostalgic is because you have more to be nostalgic about. Baz Luhrman says “Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of fishing the past from the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts, and recycling it for more than it’s worth” I tend to agree, but one thing that always feels good about nostalgia is when you run into some one you haven’t seen forever and you utter the words “It was great seeing you again” especially when it’s genuine.


Being green is always a good thing, but the idea is more along the lines of using things from your past, whether it be material things or knowledge passed on from your elders. We as a culture tend to treat everything as disposable. From our technology to our entertainment, we consume it and throw it in a land fill. A positive example is my brothers watch, an old Rolex he had received as a gift from his grandmother’s boyfriend, years back. He had it polished up and all the old parts replaced, it is now new again. While I wouldn’t spend that much on a new watch let alone an old one, I respect the idea of it, it’s a nice looking watch. It is something that means a lot to him and to have it brought back to mint condition again gives him the opportunity to give it to his son or grandson one day. Everything old is new again, just look at bell bottom jeans and headbands, it all comes around eventually.


And just one last idea to make you think. Christians call it born-again but I thought they didn’t believe in reincarnation? Hmmmm.

So embrace the spring and the idea that life runs in cycles. Eventually everything will come around full circle. We start our lives in diapers and we end our lives in diapers. It is as simple as that. Things tend to pop up now and again, and if you pay attention, you just may hear the universe talking to you, so listen up, she’s not telling you again!

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