Are the Walls Closing In or is it Just Me?

Our world is full of information and at the touch of a finger tip we can access it with lightning speed. We have aggregators and web bots and algorithms that hurl us towards our mark, 100,645 resluts in 0.0038 seconds. What the hell! You think with all of this technology we would be more connected, but alas we are not.

A perfect example are smart phones, you look at anyone’s cell phone and you get a pretty good idea of what they are all about. Don’t bother with the contacts or even the wallpaper image, look at the apps. You see what really makes them tick. Because people can just download exactly what they want, that is exactly what they do. We are surrounding ourselves with yes men, bots, apps, whatever you want to call it. We only watch what we like, we block or censor or delete anything we don’t like. I don’t feel this is a healthy way to go through life and there are others who agree with me. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you have the facts of life. Woah, major eighties flashback. Did you know Alan Thicke wrote that theme song? Weird eh?

Anyway, we need to listen to both sides of the story, not just our viewpoints. How can you judge anything if all you’ve listened to is your side of the story. Thats not a point of view, that’s just called ignorant. Just like diluting the gene pool by not having diversity in your mating partner selections, we are diluting the knowledge pool by narrowing our intake of knowledge. And it is not only us that are perpetrating this crime, Google and Facebook and every other web entity is tailoring our intake of knowledge for us by what we have liked in the past, where we are, even the type of computer we are on. Check out this TED talk by Eli Pariser called Filter Bubbles, it is a real eye opener and fits in to exactly what I am talking about here.

So jump over to the other side of the fence every once in a while. Read what the enemy is doing, because your point of view is important and if you only have half of the story, what’s the point? Educate yourself, not isolate yourself. The world is a big place, lets keep it that way.


  1. Derek says:

    Nice. Probably your best post yet.


  2. Saul Garnell says:

    We’re entering a new age. As both creators and consumers of technology, we need to keep our eyes open. But I like your closing statement: we should not isolate ourselves. It will do us no good in the end and just make things worse.


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