The Certainty of Uncertainty

We all know one thing for certain…it’s that we don’t know anything. If you ever try to guess what is going to happen, good luck, because if the universe has taught us anything it is that it’s unpredictable. Everything is in the constant state of falling apart. From the car you drive to the world we live in, it’s all slowly but surely, fading away. Even ourselves, we are born and then in that instant start dying. That is why I think people love new-borns, they are the most alive out of any of us. Brand spanking new, their skin is soft and their minds are empty and ready to be filled up with everything.

I learned that if you rely on anything with too much certainty, you will get burned. Whether it is playing the stock market, guessing the weather or relying on peoples good nature (you ever notice that people 9 times out of 10 will surprise you in a bad way, and rarely the good way).

There are a couple of examples that back up my point. One is the medical profession, my belief was that whatever went wrong with me, doctors would be able to diagnose me and fix me. Well, about 10 years ago I was at my old apartment and I couldn’t catch my breath. I do have asthma and the fact that they were tiling the floor in our front entryway with chemicals probably didn’t help. Well I went to the walk-in clinic and after being on the ventilator for an hour with no positive results, they said I needed to go to the hospital. After waiting 4 hours to get admitted they kept me over night. The whole time I was there, no one had a clue what was wrong with me, they were just guessing, and after a couple of days they let me go. Not a diagnosis or even a prescription. Just a goodbye. They even had a group of students come in and listen to my breathing, my ass hanging out of those paper thin, open backed smocks, not cool. I was half expecting one of them to recommend the Benylin formula. Also for some reason they put me on the psych floor and my brother when he was visiting me had to get my stuff back from a crazy klepto lady. Bad couple of days I tell you. Well after my visit and the lack of help from the medical community my view of the world was shattered. One of the four pillars that held up my table of life was no longer there. I now knew that they were just like me, bumbling through life. They didn’t know anymore of the answers than I did.

Then there are scientists. I love science and I don’t mean to crap on what they do for us, but I think how they go about discovery is all wrong. They say what they want to prove and then work backwards from that and try to prove it. Well, if I lived my life like that it would be so much easier. I could rob a bank and then develop a story to fit why it had to be done. Of course you are going to find what you’re looking for. That is the whole point, just make it fit. Shoe horn it in there.

Let go a little, because life is a constant process of falling down and apart, eventually we fall into money or happiness or even love. Why do you think they call it falling in love? So the more you realize what you don’t know, the more you can enjoy what you do. So in conclusion, I will leave you with the words of Voltaire “Doubt is an uncomfortable position, but certainty is an absurd position.”

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