Hero Worship

Sitting in the darkened theatre yesterday and watching the grand epic adventure called The Avengers I realized this movie lends it success to a number of different factors. One of them being how they engaged the audience. You see, they made you fall in love with the characters from your childhood-comic-book-reading-days, by coming out with movies of their own. You became wrapped up in their problems, challenges and even their love lives. You had a connection with them, so when they all assembled in The Avengers it was the coming together of a huge story, like a great big Power Ranger Megazord. I’m sure a few nerds spontaneously combusted when they heard about the plans for The Avengers movie. It was a great undertaking and they pulled it off. I have to give them credit for that, and having Joss Whedon direct was a no brainer. They knew the audience and made all of the right steps. They wooed them, they embraced them and then they swept them off of their feet.

There are some pretty solid archetypes in the movie too. The indestructible out of control monster (Hulk), the Playboy philanthropist billionaire (Ironman), The ultimate soldier (Captain America), the deadly female assassin (Black Widow) and the bow weilding perfectionist (Hawkeye). While I relate to the Hulk the most, I would like to be Ironman. First thing I would do is take my wife for one of the craziest roller coaster flights  she has ever had (she loves thrill rides), then transfer all of Tony Stark’s assets into my account and finally just punch stuff really hard. Everyone wants to be a hero, or be saved by one, so I’m not surprised that comic books are being made into movies. There is such a wealth of material out there and most of it untapped.

So I hope that Hollywood keeps making these huge juggernaut blockbusters, we need more escapism these days, with the economy and the environment both in the toilet it would be nice to know that somewhere out in this mess up world of ours, there is a big bad green guy and his friends that will fuck up anyone that messes with us. HULK SMASH!!!

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  1. The Hobbler says:

    I think you already know, but I’m just going through my list of followers, so…

    As one of my followers, I would like to invite you to the dark side…my slightly more intense blog: http://nothobblingnow.wordpress.com/ Hope to see you there!


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