Swing Away!

What is it about swinging on a swing that is so fun? You just go up and down, back and forth. It pretty simple really. But my daughter just figured out how to push herself on the swings. You know the old, push and pull with your legs and arms. Well once she got going she couldn’t stop and if I didn’t come over and get her to go home, I’m sure she would still be there now. But even as adults you get on that swing and a smile comes across your face. You get going using your feet to push off, pumping your arms harder and harder until you get to the swings apex, the point where you start to feel weightless, your stomach drops a bit and you feel a little out of control, the chains go limp and you’re floating, then with a snap and a jolt gravity pulls you back down to earth. Is it a tug of war with the earth that makes swinging so exciting? Is it the closest thing to flying us layman’s will get without a parachute or a pilots licence? Who knows. All I know is my wife the thrill ride lover, whose been on Tatsu (one of the most intense roller coasters we’ve ever been on) was laughing and having a great time just swinging away. She even got up the courage to jump off. If you time it right, when you are a the top of your swing, you slide out of your seat and fly through the air, the tricky part is the landing. If you’re old like me, it’s probably not a good idea, I might break a hip or something, but for that brief couple of seconds you’re airborne.

The swings are usually a main stay at most parks and next time you see a set, don’t just walk by, don’t be embarrassed, get on and start swinging. I guarantee you it will be impossible not to smile.

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