7 Reasons You Should be a Hockey Fan

As of this writing the Los Angeles Kings are one win away from winning the Stanley Cup. A gruelling task that only the hard hearted and thick skinned individuals can survive, but it is all worth it in the end it is worth every second, a summer worth of bragging rights and your name on the cup forever! More of you should be watching the hockey and this is a blog to tell you why, for those of you that love hockey already, just sit back, nod your head and spread the word.

1. Two half times: You have three periods, you get two breaks. One for more beer and the other for more beer. Am I right?!? It is like a three act play, the great thing about hockey though is it isn’t over until it’s over. The Miracle in Manchester is one such example. In 1982 The Los Angeles Kings were down 5-0 to the Edmonton Oilers. They came back to win the game 6-5 in overtime, the biggest comeback in playoff history.

2. Samurai: Not only are these guys in top physical condition but they have great control of their hands. Like a Samurai with his sword, these guys have incredible dexterity while controlling their sticks, they can make that puck do amazing things. Check these moves out.

3. Speed: The game is one of the fastest in the world, with players skating as fast as 30mph and shots over 100mph (Zdeno Chara owns the record for the hardest shot at 108.8 mph). You do not want to get in the way of that, it’ll take your head off. Some players have reputations for their shots. And still others have signature moves, Jarome Iginla of the Calgary Flames kicks his left leg out, almost like he is cocking a shotgun and lets go a killer snap shot, it rarely misses.

4. Pass it on: So not only do you have incredible stick handling and intense speed in the game, but you have amazing and intricate passing plays on top of that, it can be phenomenal to watch. It is like stringing together a long and graceful puzzle, or dance that is smarter than the defending teams players. And you can’t think of passing without thinking of the Sedin twins (Vancouver Canucks). They have that psychic twin communication thing going on, their passes are amazing to watch, they just seem to know where each other is at all times. Here is some of the best passing plays from the 2012 regular season that will make you smile.

5. History: The NHL has been around since 1917 and is close to being 100 years old. There has been a lot of history in those last 95 years, from dynasties to expansions, labour disputes to relocations, but it has always stayed true to what it is, hockey. Plain and simple. Read up on some of the NHL’s history here.

6. Grace and grit: To fly down the ice, stick handle around 3 guys, take a hit, take a slash, kick the puck off of your skate back to your stick and put it in the top corner of the net is a beautiful thing to watch. In one shift you can see anything from a goal to a fight, there is never a dull moment in hockey. Players are running into each other at incredible speeds and these warriors are still outwitting and surviving the shift without injury, it takes a different type of man to do that. Players play with broken noses, broken fingers, and all types of injuries, it’s not about the individual, it’s about the team.

7. Hockey Philosophy: It is simple. Put the puck in the net, and stop them from scoring in yours. If someone gets in your way, either go through them or around them. Achieve your goal, that’s it. The game of hockey is played on a diamond like, icy surface made of frozen water, it doesn’t judge, it doesn’t root for the home team or the away team, like life it is hard and cold and if you can carve your way through it with purpose and grace, then maybe, just maybe, you’ll win the game. But just like in life, nothing is guaranteed.

So next time there is a hockey game on, switch it on, watch for a while, take it in. I promise you will find yourself learning and enjoying a whole new experience, it’s even better with someone who knows the game. Sit back crack a beer and let all of your problems go, you’ll be yelling “C’mon Ref!!!” in no time.

For a more comprehensive list check this out.

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