Third Eye Wide Open

As the date, December 21, 2012 approaches people get more and more anxious. Is it the end of the world? Is it the Zombie Apocolypse? Is a giant solar flare going to wipe us out? Could be, but I doubt it, more than likely this is a transition for us as a species, sorry to get all new age-y on you but it can’t be helped, it’s like eating vegetables, it’s good for you, so sit back and take your medicine.

I have been thinking a lot about this lately and after a great conversation with my brother Lee, I had to write some of this stuff down. So we were talking about the earth and how I heard that you can theoretically create these frictionless tubes cut through the earth, that are powered by the earth’s gravity. You get in a pod and gravity pulls you toward the centre and then momentum takes you the rest of the way, they say you can travel like this from any point on the globe to any other point in 42 minutes. I’m sure that would piss off a few airlines. Anyway, I said that we would mess up the earth, cutting it up like a game of KerPlunk, then Lee said something about load bearing walls and we laughed and then I thought, yeah, but what if? I started to think about magnetism and how the magnetic field of earth protects us from the suns radiation, allowing life to thrive here. How could we know if we were screwing with this magnetic field if we can’t see it? Also, ask any scientist about magnetism, they can give you the textbook standard answer but deep down, it’s magic, voodoo, wizard shit to them too.

I had mentioned that I had heard something about carrier pigeons and how they navigate using the sun and magnetic fields, same with bees. You see pigeons have tiny magnetic particles in their beaks. A third eye if you will, they have this amazing other sense we don’t possess. Bees also have a form of this magnetic detection, they have tiny magnetic compasses in their bellies. Who knows if this works in concert with their vision or touch, it’s fascinating to think of the possibilities. Imagine having another sense, you know what it might be like to lose a sense, you get disoriented and frightened, especially if you are new to it. But think how you would feel if you suddenly learned how to harness another new sixth sense, like detecting magnetic fields, it would be incredible. Of course, we have no idea how this works in humans, but there are examples, here is an excerpt from Susan Blackmores the New Scientist, after a neuroscientist had blasted her brain with intense magnetic fields in his laboratory.

She felt nothing for the first ten minutes. Then, even though she knew that she was reclining perfectly still in a chair, she felt as though she was swaying on a hammock. Almost immediately afterwards, even though she knew that there was nobody near her, she could feel “two hands grabbing her shoulders and pulling her upwards.” As the magnetic fields continued to act on her brain, she could ”feel” something grab one of her legs and try to pull it up the wall – although her eyes told her nothing was happening! And then the magnetic fields began to act on her emotions. She suddenly felt very angry – but she didn’t know what she was angry about, nor at whom she was angry. This anger lasted only 10 seconds, but as it faded, she was suddenly beset with a very intense attack of fear. Again, she was not scared of anyone or anything, but she was very afraid.” Read the rest of the article and how it relates to bees here.

What is going on here? I believe this is like a baby learning to talk, once we get the hang of it we will have new insight into the workings of how we relate to the earth and every other living thing. What if it’s like seeing someone’s aura? What if we sense magnetic fields but we also see brain waves and our brains energy fields, would this be a form of telepathy? Not exactly like reading someone’s mind, but seeing their brain waves, if they were angry, it would be jagged and red, or if they loved you, you might see pink hearts emanating from them (my daughter would like it if that was true). Who knows, but it does sound like the guy from the Lucky Charms cereal with his pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers. This may be the transition I was talking about earlier, when we learn how to harness this lucky charms power, maybe technology has something to do with it.

I don’t think 2012 is the end of the world, I think it is a new beginning, one where we see clearer than we ever have before, one where we can see how we affect others. It is the Age of Aquarius (you’re gonna have that song stuck in your head all day now, you can thank me later). Our third eye will be wide open and maybe, just maybe we will transition into the adolescence of our human evolution, we put away our toys, stop fighting and learn to help each other out. Yeah right, good luck with that. But we can hope. Either that or an asteroid is on its way towards the Earth right now. Regardless, things are going to get real interesting soon.

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  1. Paul Macko says:

    To get rid a song in your head “Age of Aquarius”, for example, simply sing the ad jingle “by Mennon”, and it is gone. Seems to work for me…love the blog!


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