Like the transition between two types of video clips, my life is making a transition of its own. Not a cross dissolve, not a page curl, but a star wipe. I am switching career paths after ten years of running on a treadmill. I am moving onto bigger and better things and have a smile on my face and a jump in my step.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved what I did, I built a business from the ground up and supported myself and my family for a decade. But sometimes you need to grow, move on, make the hard decisions. I would always subscribe to the fact that pulling off a band-aid quick was better than peeling it off slowly, pulling out each hair one by one thinking it hurt less. You see we get too smart for our own good sometimes, we figure out how to avoid conflict and hard work and make that part of our routine. We outsmart our own brains and prolong the agony, I probably should have moved on five years earlier but I started this blog, then started writing, and am now working on novels and screenplays and comics…oh my! I made that decision though, I walked my path and did a little self-exploratory-inner-brain-space-poking-around and found out things I needed to know. Pushed ideas I needed to push. When the waiter of life came to my table ten years ago, I ordered the change by a thousand cuts, I thought the sword through the chest would give me heartburn. But like Rubenstein said when asked how to get to Carnegie Hall, he answered “Practise, Practise, Practise.” The more you work that practise muscle the stronger it gets and maybe this new career is my Carnegie, maybe it’s further down the road, who knows, but it is me practising what I preach, making the hard decisions, for the betterment of my family and I, and let me tell you, it feels good.

I am sorry for not writing as much as I should have lately, I’ve been interviewing and negotiating. Getting my portfolio together and fancying myself up with neckties and dress shoes. I realized that interviewing is the same as dating, neither one I have done in a very long time and that at the end both of you want to find a good fit. You ask the right questions and give the right answers and you both feel each other out, doing the courting dance. Of course, people always think that the employer, not the employee, has more of the power, but never sell yourself too short. Like a friend once told me before my interview, “They want you to be the guy, that’s why they are talking to you in the first place.” It put me at ease and low and behold, I was the guy!

Whether your transitions are star wipes, heart wipes, cross dissolves, cube turns or exit stage rights, just make sure they are interesting and fun. Get some nice solid transitions and make sure you’re looking after you and your own. In the end, the fade to black is the last transition your gonna get, make the most if it, sing in the rain, smell the roses and take the road less taken. I know I will, because like John Barth once said: “Everyone is necessarily the hero of his own life story.”


  1. Derek says:

    You got the job?


  2. Saul Garnell says:

    It’s still possible to write and work full time. I’ve done it for years and I’m sure you will continue to produce quality work irrespective of where you source your income. I’m happy that you are looking towards the change with a positive attitude. I firmly believe that without change, every now and then, the mind can not grow and reach it’s full potential.


  3. yearstricken says:

    Congratulations on the new direction. Loved “the waiter of life” and the two choices.


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