What resonates with you? In physics, resonance is the the tendency of a system to oscillate at a greater amplitude at some frequencies than at others. That is taken straight from Wiki, this dude isn’t that smart. But it makes sense. One example they give is pushing someone on a swing. If you push in time with the pendulum motion, they will go higher and higher. This is something I’ve done a lot with my daughter. However, she is no longer satisfied with just pushes. It’s now under ducks! And as she gets bigger and I get older, this becomes a bigger physics problem, or more like a physical problem. When I do get her going, she flies high in the air with a big smile on her face and seeing her happy makes me happy. A perfect example of resonating happiness.

You see if you help something along, give it just the right push at the right time, you get momentum. Kind of like getting a car unstuck from the snow, you rock it back and forth and gun it at the right time, you will finally get enough momentum to break free. Just like in crappy winter driving…so as in life. You see, if you give yourself a push at just the right time you’d be amazed at where it can take you. I learned this recently with small changes in my life that resonated and took on a life of their own. From changing career paths to eating healthier to doing the stuff I love. Hey, I’m not trying to say “Look at me, I am the picture of success!”  Far from it. I’ve got my issues. I, like water, take the path of least resistance…and that path usually ends on the couch. But within the last couple of years I have increased my activity level, have been eating healthier and changed jobs for the better and all because I made tiny little changes.

One example is my physical health. I decided to get some exercise because lets face it, I was fat. Not in the “Oh my god look at that guy” type way. Just pudgy. I had to do something. I loved hockey and would have made it to the NHL… but an unfortunate accident happened when I was young. I was born without natural talent. C’est la vie. Anyway, I put a plan in action. I  went online and found a ball hockey league and joined. At first it was just pick-up once a week, then I got asked to play for a co-ed league. Then a mens league as well as a Super League team (organized mens ball hockey). I love hockey and was playing up to 5 games a week at one point. And now with my new job, we actually have a ball hockey court out back where we play every lunch hour (only in Canada). How sweet is that! I did something I loved to do and the universe resonated to accommodate me, how else can you explain it?

This is just one example of resonance in my life, but it has been happening everywhere. I notice it with my family and my friends. Everyone is starting new jobs, meeting new boyfriends, buying new houses, the cup is no longer half full or half empty, the cup runneth over! So maybe sit back and take a look at what you want and take a small step towards it. You’ll be there before you know it. No journey is too long or too daunting. With enough tenacity and sure will power, you can do anything. Hey, if you bang into a screen door long enough someone is bound to open it for you, right? Brute force and repetition- that’s my secret! Or is that the definition of insanity? Whatever, I’m sure someone will come along soon and let me out of the house. Until then, keep resonating with what you love, from the people, to the things you really like doing… or the people you like doing! Whatever floats your boat. Just get unstuck.

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