Graphic Quotes Too

As we get closer to the holidays, we start to run around like our Christmas turkeys with our heads cut off. Grabbing gifts and hustling to Christmas parties, visiting families, and then heading back to work to pay for the gifts we spent too much on in the first place. Take some time, chill out grab a cup of egg nog and check out the second edition of my graphic quotes, there are no Christmas quotes or images for a reason. We get enough of that at the mall. Maybe once I’m over the whole, holiday over-saturation thing I’ll post something about Christmas, but for now it’s too much. Christmas carols on every speaker I walk by, ornaments and decorations on everything and if you don’t move fast enough you’ll get a candy cane shoved in your mouth by an octogenarian dressed like an elf. And what’s with the parking!!! Take care and have a happy holiday.






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