Mini Vacations

You ever find in this modern world the prevalence of anxiety, the number of overwhelmed people walking the streets right next to you. I think our brains are only wired to deal with one problem at a time. Hunt, kill, eat. In that order. But now its, hunt five different things at a time, in three different time zones, kill in an order that is conducive to market conditions and eat on the run. It’s like we are the dutch boy at the dike with our finger in the hole keeping the juggernaut that is our lives from breaking the levy. Then use our fingers, our toes and any other appendage that might plug the holes. Get your mind out of the gutter. But there are way too many holes for one person, so we use technology to help us manage the holes, timers for this, meeting reminders for that, apps to organize which holes let in more water than the others so we can run from one hole to another at top speed. Technology is just making our lives busier, not easier. Everyone is on Xanax or Celexa or Zoloft and people call you a light weight if your on Prozac, that’s old school dude. Drugs seem to be the only thing some people can use to calm their minds enough to get through the day. I don’t take any medication, but like most of us, I have night time rituals before I can fall asleep. Like reading comic books to shut my brain down, simple yet entertaining. My wife watches Netflix on her iPad, some people listen to music, but it is all a way to distract our blotted brains enough so we can get some meaningful R.E.M sleep (no that doesn’t mean dreaming of Michael Stipe). We then get up again the next day and abuse our brains all over again.

My solution is mini-vacations. Leave your phone in the car when you go for dinner, talk with your significant other before going to bed instead of sticking your head in an iPad, go for a walk around your already familiar neighbourhood, trust me, you’ll discover things you never knew were there. Even the smallest mini-vacations are good, like Louis C.K. says, I live for the tiny vacations away from my children, see it here (click the American flag), or Seinfeld’s version anyway.


Last night I went to the opening of my friends new restaurant, it was an upscale american diner themed place called Roosevelt. Good food, I had the tuna melt made with albacore tuna, mac and cheese sticks, chirozo corn dogs and banana cream pie and mini donuts for dessert, it was delicious. I went with a few of my good friends I haven’t seen in a while. It was nice to catch up and eat some great food. I discovered my new favourite drink too. It’s called a Dark n’ Dirty, it’s rum and coke with Guinness on top, too good!!

So squash your anxiety by taking mini-vacations, shut the door to your office, go to a sit down place for lunch (by yourself), take a walk in the middle of the afternoon (smokers get extra breaks, why can’t we?) or just plain shut your brain off for a few minutes. Give your grey matter some down time, and if all else fails, just remember the secret of life, you ready for it? Breathe in and out, repeat.

Take care, take it slow and take breaks. Your brain deserves it.


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