Recharging my battery, taking a break, call it what you will, lately instead of writing I’ve been consuming ideas. I have been reading, listening, hunting and exploring the recesses of interesting things the last little while. I have come across a massive amount of fascinating facts and interesting tidbits. Like the farthest point from the center of the earth isn’t the tip of Mt. Everest, but a place called Mount Chimborazo, bet you didn’t know that huh? But more on Chimborazo later.

Filling my bucket, this is a concept I got from my daughter if you are filling someone’s bucket you are making them feel good, giving compliments or just being nice to them. Dipping someone’s bucket is making them feel bad, bullying or being a jerk to them. I have had my share of my daughter saying to me in a stern voice “Daddy, your dipping my bucket.” Not that I’m mean to her, dipping her bucket is saying she has to go to bed. I know what your thinking, shouldn’t it be tipping my bucket? That’s what I thought, but you try arguing with a 7-year-old. So, I have been taking my time, and filling my bucket. In my case making myself feel better by learning. Reading, listening, watching…filling my brain bucket.

One great thing about working for a technology company is you get exposed to a lot of different disciplines. In the short 9 months, I’ve been at my new job I have been exposed to programming languages, user experience design, video editing, high-level branding, project management and a lot more. I’m not trying to give you a laundry list of what I do during the day, just give you an idea of what is filling my brain. With my renewed interest in TED talks, podcasts, documentaries, books and a new game I found called Chimborazo (ah, there it is again) I have been stuffing my brain like a fat kid at Chucky Cheese. I feel like the alien in the old 50’s sci-fi movies with the huge throbbing brain. Not that I’m any smarter, I just have an arsenal of cocktail conversations, trivia question answers, and blog topics.

You see I was slowly running out of stuff to write about on my blog and every time I would come across something interesting I would have to make a note and write it down. But the fun isn’t in the one interesting fact, it’s how all of those facts come together, how you start to see parallels and connections and how things begin to have a intellectual harmony to them. That is why you should always be learning, fill your bucket, your brain, your heart. Shine light on things, not shadows. Always keep growing, always strive for change. Because if you don’t make the change, the change will make you.

Chimborazo, so what is this? Well, the idea was from a TED talk I watched called Rives: Reinventing the Encyclopaedia Game. What you have to do is go onto Wikipedia or Google or whatever, and read an article, any article, choose whatever you want, then read it until you learn something you don’t know, something your dad doesn’t even know. Then click on a link in the article and keep on going until you come full circle, idea-wise (you’ll get a better understanding after you watch the TED talk). Intellectual harmony in action. You never know where it is going to take you and you’re learning in the process, it’s a win, win.

So set some time aside and play this new game, fill your bucket and learn something new. Chimborazo everyone!!

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