Tick, Tick, Tick…

I wrote this post a few months ago, I wasn’t sure if I should post it. I don’t think it would have made a difference, either way, it just felt too soon, too raw, people needed to process before I put my two cents in. So here it is.

What makes us fit to live in today’s society? What qualifications does it take to be part of the human race? A spec of decency? Love for our fellow man? Respect? Obviously, it takes none of these. You need more certification to sell hot dogs than you do to be part of the human race.

I know I’m not making much sense but there have been a few incidents in the last couple of years that have shaken my trust in humanity. People treating people with a total lack of respect. We all know what happened at Sandy Hook. My heart goes out to all the parents and loved ones of the victims. Being the parent of a 7-year-old girl, it terrifies me that something like this can happen. I don’t know what the shooters mental history were, and frankly, I don’t care. The less I have to read about this piece of garbage the better. But to take out your rage on innocent people is cowardly and repulsive, to take it out on children is pure evil. This happened the day before my birthday, it really put into perspective what it is that is important to me. That I am around to celebrate another year alive with my family is a gift in itself.

How many people do we have walking around like this? These ticking time bombs. Just in this last year, there have been multiple incidents with guns. People are worried about terrorists? If this isn’t terrorism I don’t know what is? The lack of control in owning, firing and carrying a gun in America is pretty scary. I work with a woman who is working in one of our American offices, she has been living in the States all her life. She is a sweet, kind lady with a warm smile and always has something nice to say. It was a little weird when she said she owned a gun, and said it with a casualness that implied it was like owning a cell phone. No problem. But she explained it was about protection. I do agree that if I was in that situation I would probably do the same, protect myself and my family. But the solution is to not be in that situation in the first place. I would never feel safe. I understand people love America, I do as well, but if the decision was between access to the biggest malls and fast food chains or the safety of my family, guess which one I’m gonna pick.

Like I said before, my birthday was the day after the Sandy Hook incident. My friend as a birthday gift invited me to a shooting range that he is a member of, to shoot at some targets, his treat. At first, I was a little weirded out, especially after the recent events. But I thought it wasn’t the guns that kill people it is the decision of the person holding that gun to do a terrible act. And in that statement, I believe, is the solution to helping curb the destructive nature of this downward spiral.

Education is the answer, we need to teach people how to respect each other, how to see each other as human beings. Some of the talk in recent days has been about banning toy guns, seriously, what is that going to do? Or violent video games. It’s neither of these. It’s explaining the rules of being respectful. Bring your kids up right, teach them the difference between right and wrong. Simple as that.

Tom Lennon (Reno 911 and writer of countless screenplays) said that in New York if you cut in line someone will hand you your teeth. Self-policing, we need to let someone know if they are being assholes, do not let these jerks get away with anything. When I was a kid I would never tell an adult off, now I see it all the time. People don’t want to get involved, they keep to themselves, we’ve blocked ourselves off from everyone with screens (TV, computer, phone, tablet). That’s not the whole problem but it is part of the problem, less face to screen, more face to face. I am guilty of this myself, “Sorry honey, Daddy is watching the game.” Not cool, I need to show by example that she is more important and that people are more important. I’ll do my best and that’s all I can ask of you, because if we all make an effort maybe we won’t have to watch innocent people go through this again, or go through it ourselves. Teach, love, listen. It’s that simple.


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  1. Blondzombie says:

    No sooner did I post this and an explosion happens at the Boston Marathon, my heart goes out to the victims friends and families.


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