Oh Brother 2!

My brother is at it again, I’ll explain in a bit! My brother in the past had taken my blog, reformatted it in Indesign, designed it up, resourced all of the pictures and published me a one-off book, a collection of all my writings if you will. It was too cool. If you are new to the blog check out this post. It is a blog about a blog, within a blog. Inception style.

Well, my brother has gone and completed another project which blew my mind. What could be better than the blog book? Well, probably nothing, but this was for the both of us and it kicked ass. It is the launch of the Blood Brothers website. www.bloodbrosproductions.com.

My brother and I have a video production company called Blood Brothers productions, you can see the evolution of our logo design in Anatomy of a logo. We have recently decided to move forward with the creative side of Blood Brothers, making movies, making our movies. This has been exhilarating and terrifying, but all in all, fun and fulfilling. Once the creative juices start flowing it is hard to stop them and with the completion of the website, it is now inevitable that we create fun, thought-provoking and kick ass content.

So if you would like to support us go to our Facebook page at the link here, like us, and then head over to the website www.bloodbrosproductions.com and see what we have been up to lately, there are more projects in the works so keep checking back. We’ll make you proud.


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