What the Hell?!?

2013 came and went. And like a slippery newborn baby, 2014 slid into existence in our minds and onto our calendars. It started like any year since I was eighteen, with a hangover and a promise to do better, to exercise more and to be a kinder person.

Well, …within a week I have fallen down on every level of this commitment, drank way too much, made excuses not to exercise and basically been a dick to a lot of people close to me. You know who you are and I apologize. So I thought maybe I need my old friend the rant to get me back on track, lay down some bitchy blog on the net and cleanse my soul of any misgivings I may have in my real life. A digital confessional if you will, a blank face I can yell at without feeling like a jerk. So I started to go over what I could write about, what books I have read, what movies I have watched, what quotes have I gleaned knowledge from. Well as I started to dig I was a little disturbed, there was a pattern that I didn’t even see evolving and now that I’m aware of it I’m a little freaked out.

Hell, the Devil, Satan, Inferno. What the Hell? Right?

You see it started when I downloaded Chuck Palahniuk’s ebook called “Damned” which chronicles the adventures of a thirteen-year-old girl in hell. I love Chuck, so not having read this book yet it was a no-brainer to download. Then my wife suggested I read Dan Brown’s Inferno, again a puzzle filled romp leaning heavily on Dante’s Inferno references and history. More hellish connections. I watched Hellbound, a documentary on Netflix, saw a couple of episodes of Futurama where the devil was a prominent character. I then bought the sequel to Damned called Doomed, so I am set with even more fire and brimstone for a while. I know it doesn’t sound like much but after three novels and hours of television viewing about the Underworld, it starts to become a sign. See my blog about the Crisitunity and the rule of threes.

Is this a hint to straighten up and fly right? Learn more about the devil to understand the big guy better or just be evil and screw the rest of humanity? I don’t know but I think the world works in mysterious ways and if you don’t stop and pay attention you may miss something that the collective consciousness or even someone you know is trying to tell you. Even just reflecting on the events of the last few weeks since the new year, I realize I have lost my way already. It’s a slippery slope and at the bottom is that little devil licking his lips, waiting to put another notch on his proverbial soul belt. So grab the controls, pull hard on that stick (wait, maybe that’s one of the reasons I got here in the first place) and straighten up, there is a long year ahead, let’s pull out of this tailspin and keep some promises. Good luck!



  1. Derek says:

    Parting Ways by Andrew Foley is a great “afterlife in Hell” story.


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