What is it about confidence, that you get it after you need it. The same reason that in the heat of the moment you can’t speak and find the perfect comeback as they walk around the corner, or after an interview you come up with the perfect answer that would have assured you got the job. Sometimes I wish life would move in slow motion so I would have the time to aim carefully and achieve all my goals. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. We keep rolling along like a carnival ride on rails, shooting the targets as we go, we can never get them all, but choose the targets that are important to us. Family, food, work, whatever helps us survive. But if we are lucky and have time we aim higher. We shoot for the target worth more points, we reach for the brass ring and extend ourselves past our comfort zone. This makes us stronger, fulfills us personally and expands our sphere of influence. I am at the crux of trying to do that now. It has been a learning experience and helped me see my creative process for what it is. Also that if you want to do something, do it. Don’t talk about it, do it. Let me explain.

My brother and I are in the writing phase of a new short film project. If you would like to see some of our other work you can go to We have been preparing for this by honing our skills, writing, brainstorming, acquiring equipment and software. I am in the process of writing the first draft but as independent filmmakers, there is a challenge in what the content is. It has to be cheap to shoot, it has to be filmed locally (we can’t travel to Paris or the moon), it should be light on SFX if any, it can’t be too long and of course, it has to be good. So what I have written has felt like Goldilocks and the three bears, this one’s too long, this one’s too expensive, this one sucks. I am not complaining by any means, this experience has helped me to become a better writer and collaborator and once I realized what makes me happy, I realized what makes others happy. Let me explain, again.

Everyone has their favourite movie or movies, for me, it’s Baraka, Return of the Jedi, Avatar…the list goes on. This is what we tell our friends at a party, but what about that story or book or film that reached through the medium and spoke only to you, that made a deeper connection with you. It’s that secret movie you love, that when it comes up in conversation you light up and get excited because someone else had that same experience. We feel connected, and that is the whole point isn’t it? For reference one of mine is Always, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Richard Dreyfuss. It’s just corny enough, just sad enough, and just relatable enough that I connected with it. And that is what I realized I have to do. Connect with people. But how can I connect with people in a short film? What do I need to do? Let me explain one final time and wrap this whole thing up.

Why did I name this blog confluence? Confluence is the junction of two rivers of approximately equal width. I see my brother and I as the rivers and this short film I have to pen as the convergence of our talents (me a writer and my brother a talented director and editor). I need to write this well so we can combine our talents. Like I said before I did write some stuff but it was either too ambitious for a short film or didn’t quite hit the mark, it didn’t feel like us. I went back to the drawing board or writing desk, whatever, you get the analogy, and looked at what I liked, and what worked in the past. Insightful, innocent, dark, scary, playful, whimsical…it could be any of those, or none of those, it only had to be one thing. Honest. This is something my brother told me early on in writing this blog, be honest, write from who you are, use your own voice, see the post here. I am kind of thick headed and you sometimes need to tell me things more than once, so going forward I need to be honest. No fancy coats of paint, or clever multiple narratives, just honesty. I know you’ve been patient brother, I’m working on it. These rivers need to come together.

In doing some research I came across a short film by Spike Jonze, seriously one of the best directors working right now. Until we have our film done, enjoy this one, an honest and compelling film.

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