What does this word mean to me? I thought it meant that you were undaunted, nothing could stand in your way, stubborn to the point of delusion, headstrong. Why do I even care what dauntless means? It’s not like the word weaves its way into a lot of everyday conversations. Well, I have mentioned in my blog before about coincidences in “Mario and Kate – What Does it all Mean?” and the appropriately named blog “Coincidence” that things will pop up over and over again in our lives for a reason. We need to listen to these echoes and reverberations of ideas and experiences and learn something from them.

The latest in a string of coincidences is the word Dauntless. I am a fan of science fiction and whether it be a movie or a book I will consume them both with equal ferocity. The latest audiobook I’m listening to is by Jack Campbell called The Lost Fleet: Dauntless, great story of a long retreat of a fleet of starships across several star systems (I know, I’m a huge sci-fi nerd). It chronicles the challenges of John ‘Black Jack’ Geary who had been frozen for 100 years in a escape pod, only to be awakened to lead a changed and young Alliance fleet against a persistent and dangerous foe. His ship is called the Dauntless.

The other coincidence was the movie Divergent, which I watched last night, I heard the book was better. As many of you already know, the story is about a post-apocalyptic Chicago in which there are 5 factions. The main character Tris navigates life in this future windy city and the faction she ultimately ends up choosing is Dauntless, the faction of protectors and soldiers.

It was interesting that The Lost Fleet: Dauntless was about an old man challenging a young regime and Divergent was about a young woman challenging an old regime.

After seeing this word a couple times in the last couple of days I decided to look up the meaning of the word. The official dictionary.com definition is:

  • showing fearlessness and determination.
    “dauntless bravery”

Pretty close to what I thought, so what did it mean in the context of my life, why was I seeing this over and over again? My family and I then got challenged for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from my brother. In 24 hours I had to donate, dump ice on my head, shoot, edit publish and nominate. Well, I got it done and realized that in the face of fear and tight deadlines you can get stuff done. You can see my Ice bucket challenge here.

I then realized dauntless wasn’t me shooting a video in 24 hours or dumping a bucket of ice on my head. It also wasn’t me helping those that are less fortunate than us in health, wealth or even happiness. It then hit me that the people living with a terminal disease or without a home are the fearless ones. Living day to day with pain and challenges that would buckle me at the knees. I whine incessantly if I have a headache or my coffee is not quite hot enough or my favourite television show is a clip show. I am the poster child for first world problems. I have nothing to complain about. I am healthy and happy and although I am not rich I do have enough to make a difference in someone else’s life that doesn’t have what I do. Imagine if you knew your body was shutting down on you, you would play football, jump on a trampoline, climb a mountain. You would live every day to the fullest, or at least try.

So I’ve vowed to be a little more dauntless and a little less daunted. Jump a little higher, sing a little louder, work a little harder. I am only getting older and for the sake of those who can’t, I will try harder and maybe in the process help them out too.



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