Positively Negative

What is it about being negative that is so hard to shake? It’s like junk food for the social mind. People love to bitch. I have had issues in the past with being pessimistic. I still do. But I try and fight the urge to complain about stuff. But if you talk to my wife she would tell you that I piss and moan about stuff daily. I don’t even notice it. I have to tell you, it’s in the genes, so I come by it honestly. That’s no excuse though. Years ago my wife said to me “Do you realize how many sentences you start with ‘You know what I hate?'” I laughed and thought to myself, oh she’s exaggerating, and went about my day. But like a seed of an idea, it grew inside my brain. I realized I said “You know what I hate?” a lot! Too much for me to be comfortable with. It was actually hard not to gripe about stuff. Like a smoker quitting smoking, I would jones to complain about stuff to my wife. It then dawned on me, not only was I being negative and bringing myself down, but my poor wife had to sit there and listen to this crap coming out of my mouth. Not cool.

I read a quote a while back by Tim Minchin (talented musical comedian). He said, “Define yourself by what you love.” It made more sense to me. The internet is ripe with negative people who define themselves by telling you how wrong you are. This is part of the reason I avoid comment threads. Each comment thread is only 5 comments away from the infamous “Worse than Hilter” comment. Why put yourself through it? Go look at a sunset, play with your kids, have a sandwich, but don’t add to the pile of pain and antagonism, life is too short. A quick test to see if you’re particularly prickly is to check your social media, if most of your posts are bitching about stuff, take a look at your negativity output. Social media is like a funhouse mirror, the further you pull back and look at it, the more distorted the view of yourself becomes.

Living in an overly negative world is not an easy task and it is definitely not made easier by the media. I find watching the news depressing and a real freaking bummer, so negative. It has only gotten worse since Trump took office. I try to avoid it when I can, which sucks because then I’m out of the loop. With the media so aligned in the States with the left or the right, depending on what channel you’re watching, you never know who to believe or what spin they’ve applied to the facts. Alternative facts, fake news, it’s all bullshit. We need more bipartisan news sources so I don’t feel like I have to take a shower every time I watch the news.

I know it is kind of hypocritical writing a post bitching about being negative, then going ahead and being negative. It’s like that saying “Fighting for peace is like f*cking for virginity”. But hey, we have to start somewhere. So give your fellow man a hug, not comment about how ugly his face is. Give someone flowers, not reprimand them on why you think you’re better than them because that is the world I would rather live in. Anyway, stay positive, look on the bright side, and as my always upbeat neighbour says in his hippy dippy demeanor “Much love”. Take care of each other.

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