What I’ve Learned From Writing Over 200 Blog Posts

200 zombie2

The last blog I wrote was my 200th post, I didn’t realize this until I had posted it. I had written a 100th blog post when I crossed that line, but I missed this milestone by one.

In the beginning, I started slow and needed to find my footing. My brother had told me I was trying to sound like someone else, I actually wrote a blog about it, you can read it here. He told me to be myself, write like how I talked. After that the posts came quicker and more easily, until I was pretty consistent with my writing. I really enjoy writing. I liken writing the blog to a sounding board that is made up of anonymous internet people, close contacts, friends, family and even other writers. Even if it is falling on deaf ears, I like the process of it. The diary like feel to it.

So moving past the 200 post mark gives me a sense of accomplishment. If nothing else I can send the link to my daughter one day and she can get a sense of who I was during this time in my life. A snapshot of my weirdly wired brain if you will. I have learned a lot about myself, my world and others from this blog. This is some of what this blog has taught me.

Be Yourself

Simple enough, but sometimes looking from the inside out you don’t get a sense of who you are. You ever heard your voice recorded and it makes you cringe? “I don’t sound like that, do I?!?” It’s like that but with matters of the heart and/or mind. Your lizard brain essence, how do you plug into the world. I found the blog a good way to explore this side of myself. Reading these posts seems surreal to me. I’m like “Hey that guy makes a lot of sense sometimes. Then why am I not listening to him?!?” Here’s a few examples.
The Next Step
There is No Touchdown Dance
Being Nobody

I Love My Family

This blog has made me realize from time to time how we can take our loved ones for granted, how we can get caught up in our day to day lives and alienate the people that care about us. Here are a few blogs that helped me realize the meaning of the old Beatles lyric “And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make”.
My Little Fish
Sammy Says
How do we Fall in Love?

Outer Space is Fascinating 

My mother always said I had my head in the clouds, but in reality it was much, much higher. I have always loved everything to do with space, from massive distances to the harsh atmospheres of other planets. It always intrigued me with a universe so large and our world so small, how could we be alone. I live in a time where some of those questions might be answered, maybe even within our own solar system. So sit back and read over some of the thought explorations I’ve had about the big black.
A Very Long Distance Relationship
Out of Sight out of Mind

Pop Culture

I love pop culture, well maybe it’s more of a love/hate thing. I consume it, I feed into it, I reject it. But either way I live within it. My parents always said if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I never was a good listener.
Bite Watch Chew
The Trouble with Hipsters
Value and the Art of Storytelling
100 Hit Boss Rule
Sub-Sub Genres

My Love for Zombies

I thought the zombie bubble would burst a long time ago but they keep going strong. I will keep writing about them as long as the undead keep shuffling along at their leisurely zombie pace. Here’s a few zombie blog posts to keep you in the loop.
The Zombie Apocalypse is Here
Why You Wanna Be a Zombie
The Zombie Bubble

So there you have it. Some of the things I’ve learned from writing over 200 blog posts. So what’s the point? The point is to create and share with the world, leave a little bit of yourself in the cloud, build something. There are many more writings and rants on the site, so keep reading and I’ll keep writing. See you again at 300!

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