Evolution for Kids Revisited

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Okay, this one is going to get a little weird but I’ve had a lot of time to think about where we are going, and what this existence of ours all means. Plus I’ve watched a lot of sci-fi flix and conspiracy theory documentaries. So let your freak flag fly and get ready for a wild and wacky thought journey about us humans and our future, this is pure speculation, just throwing ideas out there.

So in my original blog post called oddly enough “Evolution for kids” I talked about my take on evolution and how I tried to explain it to my kid. Well, my kid is older now and has some ideas of her own. She once asked me as I was pushing her on the swing when she was about seven “How do I know I’m not dreaming?” I said, “Because you’re not asleep.” She countered with, “How do you know I’m not asleep?” I replied “Because this seems real. When you sleep and dream its more fantastical.” Yes, I used the word fantastical. She then blew my mind with this gem. “What if this whole life, including the sleeping and the waking life, was one big dream, you wake up and you’re a 46-year-old brain inside a baby?” At first, I laughed and thought to myself oh you silly girl, that’s ridiculous, it stuck with me…days passed. It wouldn’t let my brain go, it rattled around in my cranium like a trapped mongoose. I’ve read a lot, and think a lot, and I am open to all kinds of ideas, so when this idea wouldn’t go away I gave it some serious thought. I wrote a blog a while back called “Is it Solopsistic in here, or is it just me?” It dealt with the theory that only the self-exists and that everything else we make up in our heads, we create our world around ourselves. What if we created this world out of our own minds and that my world, while seeming to dovetail closely with everyone else’s was just a dream. A mind fabrication of über proportions the like the Matrix has never seen. It unsettled me and intrigued me. If life is all one big simulation as Elon Musk has said in the past, this theory makes perfect sense. We are all micro-chips in the game cabinet we call life. Or are we NPCs in everyone else’s lives. Mind blown.

Another question I needed answering was about the growing population and the lack of resources on our planet. I usually use the “Doesn’t matter to me, I’ll be long gone by the time that becomes a problem.” But kids don’t seem to deal with that one very well. So again, I put the thinking cap on and tried to figure this one out. How far can we go into the future to figure this one out? Well, quite a ways according to my theory. I believe we need to create our own energy source on Earth so we don’t have to rely on the Sun. Once that is done we can hook up giant booster rockets to the Earth and fly to other star systems, offload the excess population onto other Earth-like planets and move onto the next habitable system. The Earth would just be one big gigantic short bus, dropping off humans all over the galaxy. That is if we don’t kill each other first. For all our smarts, we still have trouble getting along. This is our curse.

Another idea about our origin is the leap-frogging technology/biology theory. I thought of this idea after reading Origin by Dan Brown. Good book. Without ruining the book the gist of the story is the question “Where do we come from, where are we going?” My idea is kind of hard to explain cause it has no beginning or ending, hard to pick a starting point, but just for fun, I’ll use the present as a starting point. So the idea goes something like this: We evolve biologically, technology advances, we then arrive at the singularity. We will eventually upload our consciousness into a giant computer and live inside the internet. After a while, we will miss our biological bodies and pine for the Earth. We will create a new version of humans from a single cell, that will evolve, grow and eventually become us again with no memory or history of our former selves. I imagine them living in harmony with the animals, then killing the animals, then starting fast food chains, ravaging the planet of all its resources, leaving a terrible mess and then uploading themselves into whatever their new version of the internet is and on and on it goes…forever. Ugh… how depressing.


This one is by far the craziest though. Not sure if I’m remembering it right but here it is. An entity who lives in the clouds creates man, then from his rib, women are created. They get kicked out of a garden because they listened to some snake that wanted them to eat an apple and that’s why we need to wear clothes…or something like that. Talk about a tough sell.

To be honest, no-one really knows where we come from and where we’re going. We could be gone in ten years or a billion, who knows? It’s always fun kicking around ideas, but in the meantime, I say we be nicer to each other because it’s only going to get more crowded…well, at least until we upload ourselves to the internet or drop some people off at a new planet, but that’s not happening anytime soon. That’s the great thing, the future happens to us whether we want it to or not, so just keep on truckin’ like the bumper sticker says, we’ll get there eventually.



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